azeti Engine is the azeti middleware, that runs on any cloud or virtual machine, as well as on-premise installations (private cloud).

The azeti Engine communicates with public protocols like MQTT and REST.



The azeti Engine is a separate module and can be used for any other IoT Gateway software to manage millions of data points.

Product overview:

  • Server application on premise or cloud

  • Secure communication to the gateways

  • Config & deployment with user friendly UI

  • Open APIs for integration into Big Data, Analytics, BI/CRM/ERP

Open APIs – In and- Outbound

APIs, direct hooks and IoT interfaces allow easy integration and full flexibility.

  • MQTT


  • RESTful



Easy Configuration and Deployment UI

The azeti Control Panel enables an easy configuration of sensors and complex automation rules. The template and deployment engine allows comfortable management of even large (thousands of locations) distributed infrastructures.

Versatile Notification Channels

Multiple outbound notification channels:

  • E-Mail

  • SMS

  • Slack Notifications


  • SNMP Traps

  • MQTT


Multi tenancy for OEM

All data can be separated by tenants or groups, such as country, customer, area, location or other custom groups. This enables easily managed service models or usage as a OEM service.


Granular Permissions

Access is granted based on role and privileges to ensure secure and safe operation of complex environments.