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Application Enablement Plattform

azeti is the IoT Application Enablement Platform, which provides you with a fast and scalable solution for implementing your IoT projects


Special Applications

For both azeti Machina and SONARPLEX technology we used our mature azeti Cloud as a foundation

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Learn more about our international team and what drives us every day.

We shaped the future before "IoT" was even an issue. Learn more about us and our company.

In the past, valuable results from research projects enabled the development and implementation of numerous potentials.

At azeti you not only profit from numerous benefits, but also from a great team.

The central theme of our young company history is the enthusiasm for technology and innovation.




From Idea to Innovation Driver

The central theme of our young company history is the enthusiasm for technology and innovation, of which we look back with great pride

Gründung azeti GmbH


We founded azeti GmbH and published the first IT monitoring product line

Aktive Installationen


We are happy about 350 active installations worldwide

Internet of Things Software
First OT Projects


First implementation for customers who need OT monitoring elements such as analog sensors and digital I/Os. We start developing software with a strong focus on the Internet of Things

Prozessindustrie OEM
OEM Customer


A leading group from the process industry starts with azeti's OEM technology and integrates it into the existing system

Social Sensor Cloud
Social Sensor Cloud

2013 - 2016

We are leading a federally funded research project to develop a highly scalable cloud platform for sharing and selling sensor data. The results of this R & D project formed the basis for the cloud stack of azeti

Global IoT Partnerships


Global partnerships with Cisco, Intel and Dell for remote site management. We start with the implementation of azeti software in telco projects in Latin America in hundreds of mobile phone masts

1.000+ Installations


Our technology is used industry-wide in more than 35 countries. Kuwait equips more than 150 hospitals with our technology.

Secure Fog


The start of the R & D project SecureFog with the aim to establish a secure Fog connection

OEM Customer


A leading mechanical engineering company relies on the Industry 4.0 platform from azeti to optimize its digital strategy. As an OEM, azeti enables the company to sell digital services related to its machines, which represents a completely new source of revenue

Maschinenbau OEM Kunde
OEM Customer


The software from azeti is integrated into new machines of the mechanical engineering company. Older machines are retrofitted with azeti. azeti's platform enables the digital strategy of other machine manufacturers and manufacturing companies

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