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Application Enablement Plattform

azeti is the IoT Application Enablement Platform, which provides you with a fast and scalable solution for implementing your IoT projects


Special Applications

For both azeti Machina and SONARPLEX technology we used our mature azeti Cloud as a foundation

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We shaped the future before "IoT" was even an issue. Learn more about us and our company.

In the past, valuable results from research projects enabled the development and implementation of numerous potentials.

At azeti you not only profit from numerous benefits, but also from a great team.

The central theme of our young company history is the enthusiasm for technology and innovation.




More Solutions

Industry 4.0 Retrofitting

With the complete solution azeti Machina, existing machines can be quickly and easily integrated into the Internet of Things. Thanks to the recording and evaluation, you can finally make good use of existing machine data. To do this, you simply connect the azeti Machina Gateway to the PLC control system and gain a deeper insight into the status of your machines and systems in real time.

Retrofitting has never been so easy!

Evaluate machine data with

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Special Use Cases

Act instead of react

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Monitoring, Alarming, Evaluation - 24/7

SONARPLEX technology allows you to monitor and control complex network environments and technical infrastructures. Your IT security is significantly improved by professional IT monitoring and at the same time you increase the efficiency of your company. With the SONARMANAGER you have the possibility to centrally monitor any number of locations simultaneously. 

Recognize dangers before they become problems!

In addition to the classic Ethernet-based monitoring environments in IT, you can also add building or property management. Technical parameters such as temperatures, door contacts or cameras can be quickly and easily configured to form a facility management system.



azeti Software Stack as basis

For both azeti Machina and SONARPLEX technology, we used our mature azeti software stack as a foundation. The intelligent platform offers countless possibilities for the realization of various Internet of Things projects. 

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