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The most reliable
Digitization Platform

Experience from more than ten years of development work in the area of ​​Internet of Things and more than 1,000 installations worldwide, make the azeti platform a secure and reliable foundation for Internet of Things projects.

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Profit instead of investing

Speed ​​integration and deployment time by leveraging a proven IoT solution and reducing potential risks and costs by using a scalable platform instead of building and operating your own infrastructure.

The azeti platform is a cloud-based platform solution that captures, analyzes and visualizes a wide range of sensor and machine data in real time. Using the data, you gain valuable knowledge and generate real added value, which is a solid basis for decision making for future adjustments or optimizations. For example, the platform enables predictive maintenance, condition monitoring or the addition of value added services for products and innovations.

Why choose the azeti Plattform?

Unique features


Multi-client Capability

Manage multiple clients at the same time thanks to a completely separate client environment


A variety of application scenarios can be implemented with the platform

Standardized Interfaces

Manufacturer-independent connection of various sensors and machines

More Features

Flexible design of the dashboard using various templates and widgets
Template-based configurations for connecting multiple sensors and devices
Live Alarms & Notifications
Real-time alerts and notifications via SMS, Email or Slack
Industry of Things standards like MQTT & RESTfulAPIs guarantee high scalability
Data Backups
Regular data backups through backups and access via APIs
Data Analysis
Analysis of sensor and machine data including predictive maintenance
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Entry into the Internet of Things

Two of many reasons for a digital transformation using the azeti platform

1. No investment costs

The use of the platform is based on a subscription model and is thus free of financial risk, since no high investment or start-up costs are needed

2. Easy integration

The integration and adaptation according to your individual requirements and needs requires almost no coding effort