azeti IoT Platform

Full Transparency in Production

Increased Availability

Complete monitoring of machines and plants, early fault detection and targeted maintenance

Greater Asset Value Creation

Increase utilization and productivity with software-based recommendations

Less CO2

More sustainable, energy-efficient and resource-saving production through improved capacity utilization and optimized production cycles

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Data Acquisition

Connect all machines and plants in your production environment quickly and securely. With the azeti Edge software SiteController you get access to data in machine controls, sensors, process control systems and other shopfloor systems.

Connecting Machines

The SiteController edge software enables fast and secure connection of machines in production.


With the help of protocol adapters (including OPC-UA, Modbus TCP/RTU, Ethernet IP, Profibus, Profinet), the azeti SiteController can provide access to valuable data from the production environment.

Local Analysis of Data 

Already at the edge, the azeti SiteController analyzes, filters and aggregates all data from the production environment.

Based on user-defined logic, unusual or even critical events can be quickly detected and alarms generated. Scripts can also be executed locally to automate actions or perform mathematical calculations. 

So-called watchdogs ensure that the SiteController operates reliably. They locally monitor the SiteController itself as well as the hardware on which the software runs. 

Scalable Data Communication

Using MQTT and TLS encryption, large amounts of data can be transferred quickly and securely to the azeti Cloud. 


The data exchange works bi-directionally. Thus, the azeti SiteController can also receive and execute configuration files, updates or scripts. 


Data Management

Aggregate, normalize and manage high-resolution data of your production environment centrally in the azeti IoT platform. Combine and integrate data from different systems and get a comprehensive digital representation of your production. 

Exchange Data

The azeti Cloud is the data hub with which all SiteControllers in the field communicate and exchange their data. 


Within the azeti Cloud, data is distributed to different services and processed further, depending on the type and job, using modern micro-services architecture. 

Merge Data

A lot of data comes from different systems and is standardized and aggregated in the azeti Cloud.


Subsequently, this data can be combined and further enriched or exchanged with other applications using APIs. 


The high-performant time series database allows data to be stored in high resolution and enables rapid access to both current and historical data. 

Management Interface

The azeti IoT platform enables centralized management from the edge to the cloud. 


With the help of the platform, users can create new data sources and configurations, deploy software updates or adjust stored threshold values. Services such as user or alarm management are also provided centrally via the azeti Cloud.


Data Utilization

Leverage the data for your use cases and apps. Use the platform's internal tools such as alerting, visualization and analytics. Connect to machine learning models, business intelligence/analytics software or ERP systems via highly scalable interfaces. 


In addition to the detailed presentation of both live and historical data, users can display alarms and events. 


Depending on the use case, the status, utilization and performance of machines and production systems can be displayed and compared over time.

Enterprise Integration  

Through APIs such as GraphQL or REST, data in the azeti IoT platform can be integrated with existing systems. 


The azeti IoT platform can provide captured machine and process data for OEE reporting or resource or maintenance planning. The data can also be integrated into existing alarming and ticketing systems to provide detailed information around machines and processes. 

Machine Learning Input

The azeti IoT platform can serve as a source of high-resolution data  for machine learning applications.

The platform is designed to collect and provide data from the production environment 24/7. Machine learning models can use azeti as a central source to be continuously provided with historical and live data.