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The azeti IoT platform offers everything you need to implement Internet of Things use cases in an industrial environment. Learn more about the technical details of the platform.

Implement Use Cases

The Internet of Things can be used for a variety of applications, for example, for condition monitoring of machines or, thanks to machine learning, for predictive maintenance and preventive fault avoidance in complex plants. With azeti, you can implement all kinds of IoT use cases from a wide range of industries with just a single platform.

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All dashboards can be easily configured and adapted to your own requirements. Various widgets from an extensive widget library are available for this purpose, which visualize the analyzed data. In addition, the interface can be customized with your company logo and color scheme thanks to white labeling.

Thanks to responsive design, the platform is available on both mobile and desktop devices. In user management, different access rights can be granted to any number of users inside and outside the organization.


Data in the Cloud

The control over the data is completely yours, because you decide where it is processed - whether on AWS, Azure or on internal servers. The azeti IoT platform offers full flexibility and sovereignty over the collected data. Powerful APIs such as GraphQL and REST allow the data to be used outside the platform.

IoT standards such as MQTT or the state-of-the-art micro services architecture enable high scalability, so that even complex large-scale projects such as the connection of an entire production of industrial companies can be implemented. The platform is ready to scale to trillions of data points and built for high frequency data. The azeti technology stack includes modern programming languages like React or Kotlin.


Automate workflows from creation to management to rule-based execution of alarms and actions. In user management, you can also select who should be notified about what and at what times. Notifications are made via SMS, email or Slack message.

Thanks to multi-client capability, completely separate customer environments can be created and organizations can be operated in parallel and securely side by side. The respective data is then only accessible to the corresponding clients.



Due to a variety of supported protocol adapters, for example OPC-UA, Profinet, Ethernet/IP or Modbus, almost the entire production environment can be connected. This is done with the help of the azeti SiteController, which is a component of the azeti IoT platform.

The SiteController collects, aggregates and analyzes the data already at the edge, so that it can be extracted in high resolution and forwarded via MQTT. Onboarding of new data from machine controllers (PLCs), sensors or control systems takes place automatically, depending on the protocol. The SiteController determines which data is available in the data source, so that manual configuration is no longer necessary and the data is immediately available for further use.


The powerful edge software can be run on an IoT gateway or a virtual machine. In the event of a network-related connection failure, the SiteController continues to operate autonomously and keeps the collected data locally available until the connection is restored. In addition, watchdogs increase the assurance of the functions.

The SiteController is available as enterprise edition and as open source version in the community edition. A separate azeti node in the NodeRED community also enables the connection of additional data sources.


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