BTS Management

Advanced bts management by azeti

There are a range of problems business owners face in monitoring and managing a range of equipment, but monitoring and managing solutions are necessary to cut costs and detect a range of potentially expensive issues as they arise.

BTS Management is a convenient way to monitor sites remotely. Avoiding the pitfalls of some monitoring technology, advanced BTS Management is not affected by the diversity of equipment being monitored or the distance of the site from the monitor. This technology is ideal for assessing a variety of environmental factors during periods when there is no staff on site. BTS Management can help prevent damage to equipment by keeping tabs on atmospheric conditions through advanced environmental sensors, picking up on increased moisture, smoke, flooding, airflow changes or over-heating. The temperature can be monitored both inside and outside the site, to account for technical problems as well as unpredictable weather changes. With remotely-adjustable equipment such as air conditioning, many of these problems can also be resolved away from the site with a flick of the switch.

BTS Management provides business owners with several different methods to keep track of their equipment and site. BTS technology can also ensure that multiple sites in dispersed locations can be monitored simultaneously. With cameras both internally and externally, highly-sensitive motion sensors, devices for monitoring theft and fuel theft, and multiple tags for key business assets, the security of each site is well looked after. Alarms can be fitted for the purpose of urgent alerts.

azeti's remote monitoring and management technology

azeti Networks AG uses remote monitoring and management technology in their advanced SONARMANAGER NOC. The SONARMANAGER allows multiple types of data to be transmitted to a single device, providing real-time updates and alerts via SMS, email, and a range of mobile devices. With azeti Networks AG information and commands are relayed wirelessly from the site to the NOC in an encrypted form to ensure added security. Access management via unique PIN codes and card readers also protects sensitive monitoring equipment from misuse and provides directly authorised access only. Equipment of an older generation will receive the same secure monitoring and protection as new equipment with azeti Networks AG, and some technical issues can even be dealt with remotely through general commands such as rebooting and starting and stopping. Preventative monitoring and alerts allow business owners to reduce their overhead costs and deal with issues efficiently - sometimes preventing them entirely. Monitoring of servers, environmental changes, general security and energy/fuel theft ensures that sites are protected from almost every eventuality with azeti Networks AG.


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