Access Control Monitoring

Comprehensive BTS monitoring by azeti

Network monitoring technologies help businesses keep a check on the activities going on inside their technical rooms and cell sites, and can remotely take corrective actions. Some of the solutions allow the remote monitor of satellite communication and antenna sites, oil & gas status, solar or wind power plants locations, technical equipment rooms.

BTS monitoring systems provide solutions for telecoms operators and service providers. Most monitoring applications check quality of service and detect nearly 100% of mobile service errors or glitches. It is usually is not limited to Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring. It also includes monitoring passive infrastructure such as ultrasonic fuel levels, battery cells, power metering, physical security of a cell site, and other environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity or any kind of leaks. Some monitoring solutions are SNMP based which can be easily integrated with the NOC.

3G networks, which require compensating for high data demands, can be remotely monitored for latency, URL as well as download speeds. IP enabled devices can also be monitored for performance and availability. Other forms of BTS monitoring include voice call testing and SMS. Basic voice testing can be done through a simple voice call by calling numbers from other networks. In a SMS based BTS monitoring, a SMS is sent and the time required to receive it on the device is measured. Environmental conditions such as AC units, water leakage or any adverse weather conditions can also affect the performance of appliance, so these can be monitored using compatible sensors. An efficient BTS monitoring set up can minimize the downtime and maximise uptimes of a business.

azeti - World-renowned expert in management and monitoring solutions

azeti Networks AG is a world-renowned expert in network management and monitoring solutions. The company was founded in 2006, with its corporate and European headquarters in Germany. It also operates in South America, the Asia-Pacific and Middle East. azeti Networks AG has provided over 700 companies in 35 countries with cost effective and high performance monitoring systems for their IT and physical infrastructures. Monitoring solutions by azeti Networks AG go beyond IT infrastructure. It also offers technologies to monitor other technical aspects, which include, power sources, transformers, and environmental elements. azeti Networks AG's appliances can also collate and display accurate, updated information on the monitored elements and provide businesses with detailed graphical reports and date depictions. Some of its notable and highly innovative product range includes Sonarplex, Sonarplex NG and Sonarmanager. These solutions are cost efficient, can be quickly installed and offer a maintenance free operation.

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