Control Panel

Intelligent Industrial Control and Automation Software


  • Flexible dashboards with beautiful widgets to visualize sensor metrics, events and remotely control actuators

  • Easy configuration and integration of sensors and actuators

  • Central configuration and deployment for one or many sites, build for large scale and easy to use

  • Multi tenancy and rebranding based on customer organization or user groups

  • Live troubleshooting and debugging of events and alerts plus specialized reporting

  • Open APIs for integration with 3rd party tools and platforms



Easily visualize metrics, alerts and health information in the Control Panel Dashboards. Different widgets allow to configure your customized Dashboard, either per user or on an organization base. Map views allow to drill down into locations even for large scale infrastructures with thousands of locations and assets. Troubleshooting tools allow to research problems live and quick.


Get the full overview on local events, alerts, the system health or user interaction at a glance. Define the time span of the report and use different filter to search for details quickly. Reports can be easily exported..

Active Alarm Feed

Browse through all alarms across your network by using the active alarms feed. Troubleshoot effectively by filtering alarms by location, severity, types and asset. The active alarms feed is also available as a report and can be exported.


Admin & Live Table

Access directly all details of a specific location including what sensors are connected or which actions are configured through the Admin & Live Table. Verify configurations, get debug information or check if live data is coming in. No need for command line debugging with this powerful tool feeding life data..


Configuration & Provisioning

Installing new sensors, updating a threshold or set new automation rules, all can be done easily from the configuration section. Complexity is kept away by the intuitive web interface and strong templating mechanism. Create templates for single sensors or entire locations, with all the necessary details including the configuration, sensor parameters or thresholds. Templates can be reused and deployed to as many locations as needed, which allows to deploy and update thousands of sites efficiently. Software updates of the Site Controller app and the configurations can be scheduled and deployed remotely. Choose locations by region, city or area and schedule time and date of update deployments upfront.

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