Datacenter Monitoring

azeti's datacenter monitoring solutions

As modern businesses make greater use of technology, the need to monitor and maintain technical infrastructure becomes a necessity. This is where monitoring solutions come in as the process involves monitoring technical technological infrastructure to ensure optimal performance.

Datacenter monitoring is the process of scanning and evaluating server failures in a particular datacenter to enable its administrators to identify problems and help avoid unforeseen failures and consequent downtime, which may impact negatively on end-user productivity.

So What is the Importance of Datacenter Monitoring?

The benefits of utilising monitoring and management solutions are numerous. Firstly, the approach is cost-effective as any long-term issues are detected before any major damage is done, hence potentially saving a business from financial losses brought about by unexpected downtime. Secondly, datacenter monitoring enables managers to be able to plan responses to avert dangers that may cause problems to the main operations. It may also help a business adapt to changing needs as changes are usually evident from monitoring the servers' capacities, overload occurrences, and much more.

Another benefit of datacenter monitoring is that it enables a business to put up the right size of datacenter infrastructure and to select the right tools to monitor operations. The tools usually provide real time data and help evaluate energy requirements, which is an important aspect, as reducing energy-bills is usually one of the main priorities of any datacenter manager.

azeti Networks - Global solution provider

azeti Networks AG provides a dynamic range of remote monitoring solutions for sites' infrastructure. These include IT elements such as power sources, software services, servers, application programs, and networks. Its main products are: Intelligent Site Management, Fuel Management, HACCP, Power Management, Server and Network Monitoring, Microwave Point to Point Monitoring, and MyParkSpace.

Here is an outline of products by azeti Networks AG

  • <a href="">Intelligent Site Management</a> - This is a comprehensive solution used to monitor and control technical systems and equipment remotely.
  • <a href="">Fuel Management</a> - This solution enables the monitoring of fuel storage from distant locations, thus enabling the client to monitor and have better management of his fuel depots or tanks.
  • <a href="">Power Management</a> - It enables managed service providers to monitor and control power sources at remote sites.
  • <a href="">HACCP</a> - The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) solution undertakes the monitoring of parameters as outlined by governments and related agencies in the handling of food produce.
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