Energy Consumption Management

Powerful energy consumption management by azeti

Every business enterprise needs to ensure that it is able to implement an efficient and cost-effective solution for managing and monitoring all the assets and equipment needed to accomplish its business objectives.

With energy prices continuing to increase due to, on one hand, the ever increasing consumer demand for energy, and on the other hand, a lack of development in the supply of new and sustainable energy resources, businesses are being forced to find new techniques and technologies to cut spiralling energy costs. One of the ways to achieve this is by means of energy consumption management which is the process of controlling and managing the amount of energy that is consumed by the various appliances and equipment necessary for running the business. Temperature and humidity regulators, as well as water pressure and smoke monitors, are just some of the areas of the business premises that can benefit from energy consumption management. Other spheres of the business domain that can benefit from energy management measures are the energy needs of the routers, switches and servers found in the IT and Internet facilities of the business. Another important energy aspect of businesses that is surprisingly overlooked is the fact that all the power generators, dynamos, and even renewable energy sources like wind turbines, all themselves need to have their energy consumption monitored to achieve optimum energy efficiency.

azeti's latest technology for effective management solutions

azeti Networks AG is a company that is passionate about providing the most efficient and effective energy consumption management solutions to its clients. Being the international producer and provider of high-performance Unified Monitoring Solutions, azeti Networks AG is the global authority in providing technical and commercial assistance to its many customers, system integrators and strategic partners. By employing a variety of detectors and sensors, azeti Networks AG is not confined to monitoring software applications, routers and servers, but is also capable of monitoring almost any kind of physical business parameter. azeti's master console or the customer's Network Operation Center receives, via various communications networks, the information gathered from the relevant distant locations, and irrespective of the location and distance of the monitored systems, gathers and visualizes, analyzes and manages every kind of information type required to monitor the most important equipment and systems of azeti Networks AG's client companies.

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