Environment Monitoring System

Know your environment – azeti’s monitoring systems

Monitoring solutions are playing an increasing role in all industries as individual businesses come to increasingly rely on technology to complete their daily activities. From the role and usage of a network within a company, to an environment monitoring system responsible for assessing the environmental impact of a business activity, an effective monitoring system is always important in any effective business of the twenty-first century.

azeti Networks AG understand that information technology now plays a role in each and every aspect of a business, particularly those concerned with how their activities affect the environment and their employees. An environment monitoring system can complete a number of tasks, which can ensure the safety of those working within a business and protect the environment from damage. In general, an environment monitoring system designed by azeti Networks AG is created to complete a number of specific tasks, which can include monitoring temperature, humidity and wind velocity. These can be important in protecting employees from dangerous conditions inside and outside a facility, or help in ensuring a business remains within established parameters for environmental emissions. Designed to meet the needs of a specific client, an environment monitoring system will compare the environmental effects of business activities on the surrounding environment and provide documentary evidence detailing any changes caused specifically by the business activities completed.

azeti’s environment monitoring system and solutions

From the founding of azeti Networks AG in 2006, the company has striven to include the latest technology to help individual business partners keep track of their technological and physical environments. Using a Windows based application that provides real time monitoring completed from a central location, more than 700 companies spread over 35 countries trust azeti Networks AG to monitor and protect their digital and physical environments. The central location utilises the highest level of available technology to monitor every aspect of a clients business to ensure every possible aspect of workflow and environmental changes are available digitally and through regularly published reports. The understanding of a clients needs also allows local operation of a system or environment monitoring system in case of a break in communications with the central servers, ensuring full operation of a system at all times. Providing both hardware and software solutions, the German based azeti Networks AG can provide any client with the monitoring solutions they require

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