Environmental Monitoring

Effective environmental monitoring solution

Management and monitoring solutions provide businesses with safeguards to their critical assets that allow them to effectively control risks and threats.

Environmental monitoring is a term used to describe the processes and activities undertaken by clients whose business impacts upon the environment, or has the potential to pollute a natural system. Environmental monitoring is used to assess the circumstances where human activity carries the risk of harmful effects on quality of the environment, and how regulation and environmental goals can be adhered to. This type of monitoring is usually used as a precursor to a wider environmental impact assessment, and is designed to clarify the current status of a particular environment, or to establish certain trends in parameters. Remote surveillance is an important part environmental monitoring in that it allows for remote access to data in real time. The major advantage of remote surveillance is that it allows for many data feeds to flow back into a single base station for subsequent analysis. In all cases of environmental monitoring the data collected will be reviewed and analysed, before being finally published. With this in mind, the initial design of the programme must have regard for the ultimate use of the data collected before monitoring begins. In the modern day, where businesses take environmental and legislative compliance seriously, environmental monitoring is an important part of any progressive strategy.


azeti's integrated and high-quality monitoring solutions

Founded in 2006, <strong>azeti Networks AG</strong> is a leading manufacturer and provider of high-quality and integrated monitoring solutions. Providing commercial and technical support to over 700 companies in 35 countries, azeti Networks AG employ innovative technology to monitor a wide selection of physical phenomena. azeti employ an assortment of IT components (for example routers, servers and software applications), sensors and detectors, to monitor such diverse areas as fuel and voltage levels, to temperatures, air quality, and motion sensors. All information collected from remote locations flows back to azeti's master console at a central location, where it is visualized, controlled, and analysed to clients' specific requirements. This in turn assists clients to monitor and operate their most essential systems and equipment. azeti Networks AG truly has a global reach, in addition to their corporate and European headquarters located in Germany, they maintain subsidiaries in the Middle East, South America, and the Asia-Pacific region. azeti Networks AG is dedicated to providing precise and effective hardware and software solutions, with the utmost professionalism and integrity in every aspect of their business.

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