Fuel Management

Fuel management by azeti - Latest technology

Whatever else is important in business, resource management is essential. With fuel management by azeti control is guaranteed.

Using the latest technology, especially ultrasonic fuel sensors and Windows software, azeti bring fuel management to a central location and can ensure the provision of vital information, wherever it is needed day or night. No matter how remote the site or how far flung the storage facilities, azeti make information available so that the decision making process is fast and effective. Using graphical and textual displays it allows the user to see at a glance the physical location of each site, fuel levels and consumption rates. It can also inform the user about routine events, such as regular refilling as well as irregular occurrences such as fuel leaks or theft. Using the azeti fuel management system the end user can generate reports which can easily be used to monitor the costings per site or area. This can allow fuel levels and consumption to be monitored and managed in the most effective and efficient manner. Employing the latest user-friendly fuel management technology, azeti help prevent waste and indicate possibilities for savings and inefficiencies. azeti's fuel management is flexible and users can initiate their own protocols to alert when levels reach required limits.

azeti‘s powerful application reports all necessary data

This system is compatible with most networks, from low-bandwidth GRPS connections to a DSL dialup. Alerts can be sent by e-mail or SMS text messaging and can be tailored to impart the right information to the right people. The beauty of this system is that it will report all necessary data, report-worthy incidents, alerts, and all other events to one single co-ordinated operations center. azeti‘s system can manage data from multiple sites and can be accessed in a user-friendly dashboard within a very powerful Windows application. Every business, especially in today's economic environment, needs to take resource management seriously and to ensure that systems can maximize resources and monitor consumption for the most cost effective operation. This fuel management system gives effective control, using state of the art technology that enables the end user to control costs, monitor consumption and save money by the efficient use of resources.

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