Fuel Monitoring

High-performance fuel monitoring

As a business continues to grow, so does its need for effective and quality monitoring solutions. This is ability to monitor all different components of the business, and to fully manage and integrate its IT and physical infrastructure.

Fuel monitoring is not just the monitoring of fuel storage at different locations, but also the management of its use as well as its cost and rate of consumption. Through specialized monitoring solutions provided by companies such as azeti Networks AG, the storage of fuel at distant locations is monitored through the use of an assortment of sensors and detection devices. This includes information on how much fuel the tanks contain and the rate of consumption for each tank, as well alerts on specified low-fuel levels and fuel purity. The fuel monitoring also provides a GPS location of the fuel tanks so that they can be constantly supervized. azeti Networks AG uses all this information received to calculate the cost and consumption rate per tank and fuel sites, and to create comprehensive historical reports. This is based on the analysis of consumption and the costs provided by the fuel monitoring system, and this system and devices can be adapted for different fuel form factors.


azeti Networks - Top quality monitoring solutions

azeti Networks AG is a global manufacturer as well as a supplier of specialized and high-performance monitoring solutions for various business and clients around the world. Through both commercial and technical support, a comprehensive system of sensors and detectors is provided to both monitor and integrate IT and physical infrastructures of a business efficiently. azeti Networks AG's various monitoring systems and equipment collect information from remote locations and send it to the agency's master console which is centrally located. Here all the information received is monitored, analysed and used to create management reports and to provide their clients with information to allow them to effectively and efficiently manage their business. azeti Networks AG provides top quality and proficient hardware and software that can be used for fuel monitoring and more, as the assortment of sensors and detectors provided can be used to monitor and manage almost an endless possibility of IT and physical infrastructures of different business types.

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