GSM Monitoring Solutions

monitoring GSM Systems

GSM monitoring is a global system of mobile operators used for audio and data communication control. It monitors handset interchange and intercepts voice and information. GSM monitoring fosters higher security to its clients because all data is channeled to a central system. This information can be used by intelligence officers in case of any shortcoming. It is managed by handset operators. Monitoring GSM must not be expensive and offers high quality services above the subscribers' expectations.

GSM monitoring offers solutions such as service quality parameter measurement. GSM monitoring also provides online data usage trends. Moreover, it provides solutions such as call procedure analysis, online alarms and alerts, emerging standard support about the current market, and standard reporting tools thus protecting mobile operators' data.

GSM monitoring enables operators to enjoy diverse services such as voice calls, short message services and circuit switched data calls. Cell phone users enjoy services such as WAP, MMS and Internet. Moreover, anyone visiting abroad can also be provided with GSM monitoring car tracking devices and assured of maximum security. Through mobile switching centers, clients benefit via voice calls and SMS including conference calls and FAX. Monitoring GSM also offers services such as GSM-R which enables maximal train speed and traffic density, ensuring higher safety of subscribers' data.

The GSM association is currently serving more than 80% of the global market, which shows how stable it is within the European countries with more than 200 million subscribers. It also enables subscribers to make free calls and send text messages. Through GSM voice and text dialer's customers are able to protect their assets and property through sending a text message, or even by making a phone call. GSM intercom systems give opportunity to identify anyone who visits your premises or business via a mobile phone. All members are afforded various products such as wireless communication and defense to their data. Furthermore, it enables transparency since one can monitor employees without being noticed.

azeti: Your partner in GSM monitoring

azeti Networks AG is an international company that manufactures and distributes far above the ground performance monitoring solutions to over 700 companies in various countries, including monitoring of IT. GSM partners with azeti to enhance reliably secure monitoring. Moreover, customers who visit Berlin and Stuttgart have the advantage of visiting their offices where their needs are addressed up to their satisfaction. Furthermore, azeti Networks AG has also provided technological and profitable support to their partners and clients. Members are provided with additional services such as monitoring fuel levels, temperature, battery capacity and access control devices.

Data collated from various areas is channeled to azeti which visualizes and carries analysis on every client facts within the company. Clients are not tied up to a single standard sensor. Rather, there are more than a thousand standard sensors which are able to cater for the remote areas, alleviating connections failures. The types of products offered by azeti Networks AG are of maximal quality, best comfort, and most effective to the clients.

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