Infrastructure Monitoring

Extensive infrastructure monitoring by azeti

Today's business owners need monitoring and management systems to suit the increasingly advanced IT being used on site. When earnings depend on the functioning of computing equipment and servers, it's essential to stay updated on any issues which may arise.

Infrastructure monitoring involves the implementation of specialized equipment to monitor and manage servers. A centralized infrastructure monitoring system enables users to assess the health and function of several servers from one device. This makes it easy to discover any problems in networked systems and minimise any network downtime. In short, it enables servers to run in the most efficient and cost effective way they can. Along with Infrastructure Management tools, infrastructure monitoring is intended to mitigate sources of risk by providing real-time information, even across long distances.

Certain aspects of devices and servers can also be controlled remotely to avoid costly dispatches of technicians to the site. With continuous updates from infrastructure monitoring technology, it's possible the stay one step ahead; some monitoring equipment provides early detection of issues so they can be resolved before they have the chance to disrupt connectivity. Centralized monitoring makes all of this much simpler and user-friendly. With different servers and processes viewed on a single screen, devices can be controlled and managed with minimal hassle.

Global provider of high-quality monitoring solutions

azeti Networks AG provide extensive infrastructure monitoring as part of a comprehensive remote-site management package. Along with servers and other IT infrastructure, azeti Networks AG can monitor environmental factors, site security and more. Since network downtime is not always just caused directly by server issues, management staff can keep track of the temperature inside and outside the remote site, humidity, flooding risks, smoke and air flow. They can also use remote monitoring and management to adjust the air conditioning and temperature controls as a way of adapting to environmental changes. azeti Networks AG's SONARPLEX technology also keeps track of any access to the site with cameras, alarms, motion sensors and equipment tags, helping to prevent theft and unauthorized entry. All of this is done remotely through a centralized monitoring system, and real-time alerts can be received via SMS and email. With incident data, status updates, performance data and remote commands transmitted through an encrypted communications channel, management staff needn't worry about the security of such sensitive information. Pin code and key card access also help to ensure that only authorized individuals are able to monitor and manage the site using azeti Networks AG technology.


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