M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Gateway

M2M gateway - azeti's smart m2m solutions

Management solutions in the IT field include monitoring solutions of IT components such as switches, servers, routers and software applications. But when a monitoring business offers unified monitoring solutions to monitor every aspect of the physical infrastructure of the company, it becomes truly unique. azeti Networks AG provides all this and more.

Machine-to-machine or M2M is a broad term that refers to communications technology that makes it possible for wireless and wired networking. While a stand-alone machine operates by direct connection with a wireless broadband network, a M2M gateway can connect a number of locally networked devices -wired or wireless to a broadband connection that can be either wired or wireless. The M2M application involves the collection of data, transmission through a network, assessment and review of the available information. From one-to-one connection with the same type of devices, wireless or wired, modern M2M communications has evolved into an integrated system of networks that allows data transmission to personal appliances.

The M2M gateway aided by the development of IP networks makes it possible for easy communication between machines. It has become easier to set up the M2M gateway with the development of IP networks worldwide. It is now cost effective and quicker to communicate information between machines. Moreover the increased efficiency of these information systems paves the way for increased business opportunities, newer products and better interaction between the producer and consumers. Besides automation and industrial instrumentation the M2M gateway is now being increasingly used in the field of telematics and SCADA applications.


Global supplier of unified monitoring solutions - azeti

azeti Networks AG is a reputed manufacturer and global supplier of unified monitoring solutions. With its headquarters in Germany, the company that was founded in 2006 has established business locations in South America, Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. azeti Networks AG provides solutions to modern businesses that are dependent on complex technical infrastructures. It provides remote monitoring solutions to all the critical IT issues of the site. This includes application programs, software services, servers and networks. Its SONARPLEX solutions also monitors technical elements of the infrastructure that includes power sources, cooling plants, tanks, transformers, production systems, engineering systems and security.

azeti Networks AG offers azeti NG solutions to manage M2M applications used in mobile network technologies and wired or wireless sensors. azeti's M2M platform offers numerous industrial and automotive applications with connectivity modules to connect with interfaces such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Ethernet, Modbus, GSM, Zigbee, RS485 and RS232. The azeti NG is equipped with advanced security features to operate in hazardous environments.

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