M2M Solutions

M2M Solutions - Reduce costs and minimize risk

M2M solutions has been developed by azeti making it a leader in machine to machine technology today. By concentrating on developing a 'smart' business model that reduces costs and minimizes risk it has established itself as the front runner of automotive control technology within the home environment. Since its formation M2M solutions has worked on building up expertise in a workforce covering all aspects of machine to machine technology; clients can therefore be confident that all their requirements will be met through a single point of reference and that an all encompassing solution will be tailored to their needs. With a focus on comfort and functionality M2M solutions has been able to address the needs of the home owner so that it is now able to boast a range of more than seventy home accessories. These include everything from security systems to energy conservation and healthcare solutions.


azeti - Unified monitoring solutions worldwide

azeti Networks AG is a high profile company that specializes in complex and accurate monitoring solutions worldwide. It was founded in Germany in 2006 where it is based today. Since its inception azeti Networks AG has become a global leader in monitoring solutions with a client base of over 700 companies across the world including Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East. azeti Networks AG has thrived in a competitive market due to its ability to monitor both information technology systems and physical work plface environments. Due to its comprehensive approach and expertise azeti Networks AG is able to monitor various information technology components including routers and software applications in addition to physical, on site, hardware such as fuel level indicators, cameras and numerous other devices essential to the safe, secure and efficient running of any organization or business premises. By using high quality and robust sensors and detectors the company is able to provide a reliable and respected monitoring service in both the virtual and the physical environment required by the client.

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