Network Management System

Network management system by azeti

A network management or monitoring system provides a number of hardware and software solutions to give IT professionals comprehensive control over a large network. Depending on the coverage you require, a network management system provides individually tailored tools that allow you to monitor each component within your network - giving you as much control as you desire.

More specifically, a network management system provides tools that allow IT professionals to monitor any devices that are connected to the network and also the performance and the overall health status of the network from a centralised location. This may involve intelligent notifications of specific issues, network capacity statistics and simple device identification - alongside high-quality security solutions and, in some cases, advanced technological architectures.

In real terms this allows anyone with access to these tools the ability to manage multiple sites from specific locations, assign permission rights to specific users and also create accurate, real-time databases including incident data, configuration data and statistical status updates. The benefits of a well implemented network management system is clear to anyone wishing for the most detailed control of a large network and all of the devices that run through it.

azeti's advanced technological network management system

azeti Networks AG provide all this and more - with advanced technological solutions and experienced, knowledgeable technicians who are always available to answer your questions. Including customers in the Americas, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, azeti Networks AG offer a multitude of solutions for both IT and OT networks the world over. With their unique Sonarplex technology, azeti can offer bespoke solutions to help you take full control over your network and its devices - for all your network requirements wherever you may be. azeti Networks AG also offer network monitoring systems for real world applications and they are specialists within the fuel monitoring field. This includes monitoring battery capacities, cameras and motion sensors and almost any physical system your company wishes to implement. Whatever you need to monitor, azeti Networks AG have a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to suit your needs - giving you full control over your system.

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