Network Server Monitoring Solutions

Why network server monitoring?

Network management and monitoring solutions involves the management of critical network components like servers and other devices like computers connected to a network.

Currently, many businesses depend on internet connectivity in their day-to-day operations. Without a stable network connection and sufficient bandwidth, your business IT systems will not be able to operate at their optimum levels. azeti Networks AG offers the SORNAPLEX which ensures that IT departments in business organizations always know the state of their networks through effective network server monitoring. In addition to monitoring the available bandwidth and traffic on your network, SONARPLEX also provides you with the ability to monitor other network parameters like signal strength and the network's signal-to-noise ratio.

Moreover, with SORNARPLEX, you have the ability of integrating server monitoring in addition to monitoring and managing other network components. Given that network server monitoring is one of the core tasks of an effective monitoring and management system, the azeti SORNAPLEX offers support for network servers running on Windows, Linux and UNIX. Apart from that, SORNAPLEX also keeps track of your server's health by tracking file changes through the use of performance counters and reception traps.

Since azeti Networks AG offers an appliance based solution, such kind of network server monitoring solution is usually completely separated from the monitored hardware as opposed to software monitoring.


azeti: Your partner in remote monitoring

Established in 2006 and headquartered in Germany, azeti Network AG offers comprehensive IT network infrastructure management and monitoring solutions. This includes network server monitoring solutions which entail monitoring of the state of the hardware such as CPU and memory load, fan speed, temperature, and the available storage space. Currently, azeti Networks AG operates subsidiaries in South America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. The company boasts of a clientele base of around 1200 customers spread in at least 35 countries. azeti's mission is to grow and be a technology leader in network infrastructure management and monitoring. As part of management and monitoring, azeti gathers different kinds of information necessary for extending the life span of your server and ensuring <strong>that your network server runs in the most efficient fashion</strong> and provide warnings of impending failures and potential server failures.

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