Remote Infrastructure Management

Powerful Remote Infrastructure Management

Businesses and corporations can benefit greatly from the use of the latest forms of management guidance. Along with detailed monitoring of every area of working activity, these solutions can offer a greater organization and working structure.

The most up to date examples of remote infrastructure management can logically organise a vast network of working sites. These sites can be located in any geographical area and can be linked via the latest solutions from azeti Networks AG. The IT solutions allow comprehensive monitoring and accessibility to all power sources and equipment wherever they happen to be geographically. This allows every fully functional company and business to have an optimized working environment at all times. A company HQ can carefully monitor all events at a remote site and develop strategies to deal with any loos of time or working activity. It is essential for all working environments to have sensible procedures in place for any loss of revenue. A valuable form of remote infrastructure management can present this opportunity and resent businesses with the information they need to great improve their entire infrastructure and organization. The latest forms of monitoring also offers a state of the art security access program strictly limiting entry to licensed contractors in possession of an up to date PIN and key pad. This technology can vastly improve security and confidence in remote sites working.


Unified monitoring and management solutions by azeti

The unified monitoring, management and security <strong>solutions of azeti Networks AG</strong> have been in existence since 2006, and are currently used by over 400 businesses and organizations worldwide. The network specialist's experience and skills in operating a fully organized working structure can quickly transform a remote work site. The highly developed monitoring software of azeti Networks AG can allow a company HQ access to all of their power sources, allowing them to make money and time saving decisions based on energy output and usage. The rates of all forms of power, from water and gas to electricity can be precisely measured and communicated, meaning exact levels can be coded and quantified. The quality of the power can also be measured, allowing every business the best form of careful monitoring and surveillance.

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