Remote Monitoring Software

Remote monitoring and management software

Monitoring solutions provide a reliable and consistent solution to monitor the entire local or global <strong>IT infrastructure</strong> of an enterprise. This includes monitoring IT components such as networks, servers, software services and application programs, as well as technical elements such as power sources, transformers and engineering systems.

Any reliable monitoring of IT infrastructure includes a comprehensive monitoring of components such as networks, switches, servers, desktops and applications. The IT systems of a company are based on stable network connections and bandwidth and the use of effective remote monitoring software ensures that the company has a thorough know-how of the performance and state of their network. Remote monitoring software also allows monitoring of specific parameters of (W) LAN like signal to noise ratio and signal strength through SNMP as well as all hardware. Monitoring of networks can also include active network components such as routers and switches and print servers. Every company needs to have an efficiently running database that provides fast and easy access to its users. An efficient way to ensure the unrestricted performance of the company databases is to install a monitoring software that provides 24/7 database monitoring and end user availability. A monitoring system ensures that servers and various hardware and software functions are constantly monitored to ensure availability. Thanks to remote monitoring Software, it is now possible to monitor PCs, desktops, notebooks, workstations and peripherals such as printers, copiers, biometric security systems and IP surveillance cameras through advanced remote monitoring software.


Professional remote monitoring with azeti

azeti Networks AG provides effective solutions for monitoring various components of IT infrastructure. Its SONARPLEX solution not only offers optimum performance but also an easy to operate and cost effective monitoring solution. The azeti technology can monitor local application availability as well as remote-check-handling to identify problems of the user and trouble shoot for solutions. azeti agent technology allows the use of customized scripts to conduct test procedures. The azeti SONARPLEX monitors various tasks and services, to provide comprehensive information of the availability and performance of monitored applications. There is scope for further in-depth analysis of in-service behavior of applications, with the help of robot probes available with the azeti SONARPLEX. azeti Networks AG offers complete database monitoring of the company to ensure high availability to the users. Server monitoring includes support of Linux, Windows and UNIX Systems to monitor the hardware. Being appliance based, the SONARPLEX has an advantage over other software monitoring solutions as it works independently from the hardware it has to monitor.

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