Remote Site Monitoring Solutions

Features of azeti’s remote site monitoring

azeti Networks AG have a world-wide reputation for providing a range of systems for production and storage facilities and justly proud of their expertise of their expertise in the area of remote site monitoring. For a whole range of production, treatment or storage facilities it is imperative that monitoring is effective and in line with good working practices. azeti Networks AG is aware that in a range of areas such as environmental control, passive monitoring, security and access management it is vital that staff have a range of control systems that assist in working safely in the most cost effective manner. A great example of these systems in action can be seen in the area of environmental control. azeti Networks AG uses remote site monitoring to assist users to reduce costs by providing real-time monitoring solutions that enables service users to have up to the minute information of different issues and enable operators to take immediate action.


azeti: Remote monitoring solutions

azeti Networks AG can also provide a great deal of other systems that allow remote site monitoring which fits into the business model of their clients. Their fuel management system is a perfect example; a perfect system to monitor fuel consumption in different remote locations. The azeti software application, which is based on a Windows compatible program that is set up to run in a central location, indicates to the user in a easy to understand graphic display, the location of each of the users remote sites. It is also used to show fuel levels and consumption rates for each remote site. It allows operators to see events such as filling of fuel-storage tanks and abnormal activities such as fuel leaks or possible theft.

There are many other ways that remote site monitoring can be used to enhance business' that operate over many sites; with azeti Networks AG's expertise and superb equipment operators can improve efficiency and make increase cost savings and safety.

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