Security System Monitoring Solutions

Remote monitoring solutions

Remote monitoring solutions are products designed to monitor business activities and at the same time present real time information pertaining to an organization operations that touches on employees, customers, and business partners. In this context business operations may be business processes that are orchestrated by business process management solutions, or series of activities that span multiple systems and applications.


Security system monitoring

Monitoring the security of information systems assets enables an organization to obtain an incessant stream of real time snapshots on the state of risks to a company's assets such as cloud based devices, end points, network infrastructure, data, and applications. Whenever an enterprise deploys proactive tools that measure the level of vulnerability, and at the same time the company integrates its entire IT infrastructure with other security toolsets, the organization is able to acquire real time visibility into its very own compliance state and also benefit from robust incident detection and response because the deployed solution is able to automatically relay information directly to the event management system. When security system monitoring is deployed the enterprise is also able to separate real time critical events from non impact events. Considering the fact that the network is invariably being evaluated, incessant security monitoring has also been found to greatly enhance the echelon of situational awareness for IT managers. It is in light of this that situational awareness courtesy of full network visibility has transpired as an ultimate way of mitigating electronic related risks.

For instance, let's assume there was a critical patch cycle that was not deployed on certain systems because a particular systems administrator was abruptly transferred to a different workgroup. Without <strong>continuous Security Monitoring </strong> a gap immediately exists and this may persist until the next security audit, making systems susceptible to numerous exploits. With continuous security system monitoring, this very gap would be detected whenever the security monitoring solution automatically counterchecks new patch levels.

It is in light of the above that professional security system monitoring enables the enterprise in conjunction with key stakeholders to enhance information systems governance courtesy of ongoing assessment of vital control factors. This also enables the company prevents unexciting situations whereby risks run out of hand hence becoming difficult and resource intensive to rectify.


About azeti

azeti Networks AG is a leading supplier of high performance unified business monitoring solutions. azeti Networks AG boasts of geographically dispersed satellite offices in key regions including the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, America, and Europe. Through its subsidiaries azeti Networks AG provides after sales technical support through its strategic partners who represent over 700 companies in 35 different countries. azeti Networks AG has also employed standard sensors and industrial bus interfaces that enable their customers to select from thousands of industry standard sensors. In addition, the company's product portfolio is not only limited towards monitoring IT components such a software application, servers, switches, and routers, but the company also employs wide range of sensors and detectors that monitor any kind of physical parameters.

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