Site Controller

Intelligent Industrial Control and Automation Software


  • Remotely control and automate assets

  • Monitor machinery in real time

  • Minimal upload bandwidth and foot print

  • Engineered in Germany, focused on data privacy and security

  • Support for all major operating systems, gateways and protocols

  • Local intelligence enables uplink independence


Connect Industrial Assets

Easily connect sensors and machinery with the Site Controller software. It comes with built in protocol conversion and supports all major industrial protocols, such as MODBUS RTU/TCP and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Powerful Automation

Automate operations and react on environmental changes with Site Controller powerful automation core. Sophisticated rules can be easily configured and deployed without the need of programming or tinkering.

Secure Operation

Engineered according to German data privacy standards and focusing on stable and secure operations. Certificate based device authentication and fully encrypted data transmission ensure secure operations. User interactions are audited and remote control can be enforced with two-factor authentication.


Intelligence at the Edge

Rulesets, configuration and analytics are persisted locally to ensure safe operation even without network uplink or in case of outages. Site Controllers can run autonomously for weeks and were designed to withstand demanding environments, such as unstable energy supplies and network connections.

Zero Touch Deployment and Management

Easily configure Site Controllers from the azeti Control Panel and deploy new rule sets and configurations within minutes to thousands of sites. Spin up new sites easily through the zero-touch deployment.

Open API and Extensibility

Site Controller can be easily extended with new protocol adapters and automation to ensure new customer requirements are satisfied swiftly.


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