Smart M2M (Machine-to-Machine) Solutions

azeti's smart M2M (Machine-to-machine) solutions

Professional management and monitoring solutions allow businesses in a variety of fields to safeguard their critical assets and enable them to effectively control risks.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies that allow both wired and wireless systems to communicate with similar devices are of increasing interest to the technology industry and business world. This is because smart M2M solutions, which allow networked machines and devices to exchange data and information without manual assistance, are likely to become an enormous area of growth and opportunity over the next decade. M2M technologies usually consist of industrial devices (for example a sensor or meter), which capture an event, and relay this information through a network to a software application. Originally a remote network of machines was required to relay data back to a central hub for analysis, however in recent years this idea has become obsolete. Modern M2M communication includes a system of networks that can transmit information to personal appliances, which means that smart M2M solutions allow for a new array of business opportunities for producers. With the constant flow of data, these wireless networks can improve productivity and efficiency, allowing producers to streamline their activities. Smart M2M solutions can be used to monitor systems, such as utility meters, which allows for the owner to know if certain vital elements have been tampered with, helping them to identify fraud or waste. Data can also be used by producers to identify whether their products require maintenance, helping them to remain at optimal efficiency at all times.


Global expert in providing unified and integrated monitoring solutions

Founded in 2006, azeti Networks AG is a global leader in the manufacture and provision of unified and integrated management and monitoring solutions. From azeti's corporate and European headquarters in Germany, in conjunction with subsidiaries in the Pacific-Asia region, South America, and the Middle East, the company provides commercial and technical assistance to more than 700 companies in 35 countries. With the use of innovative technologies, azeti Networks AG supplies clients with comprehensive monitoring solutions that help to manage costs and risks, while identifying opportunities. Employing a vast array of IT components, sensors and detectors, azeti can spread their expertise to analysing such diverse fields as fuel consumption, voltage levels, air quality, and relative temperatures. Collecting all relevant information at a central location, the company assists clients to analyse the specific data and advises them on the way forward. With eight years at the forefront of the industry, azeti Networks AG is committed to providing clients with outstanding hardware and software solutions and the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.

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