Telecom Tower Management Solution

Effective telecom tower management by azeti

Infrastructure management is the monitoring of essential operational components like equipment, data, and processes. An effective management solution has the ability to eliminate any costly downtime, increase service level, and provide data for capacity planning and problem detection.

The core attitudes of an effective tower management solution include ability to eliminate any costly downtime, increase service level, and provide data for capacity planning and problem detection.

Currently, there are at least 8M telecom towers worldwide. Efficient management of these towers is considered to have a direct impact on any tower operator's bottom line and also contributes to factors attracting new customers thereby significantly impacting on a company's top line. Considering the huge number of telecom towers spread over a wide geography with a significant number of them located in remote areas, efficient telecom tower management becomes a challenge. However, the azeti Networks AG leverages modern practices, including remote monitoring technology in managing such towers. These include the use of tools like the SONARPLEX, which enable infrastructure monitoring across multiple technologies and different industrial systems like building management systems, manufacturing, and communication installations.

Specifically, when applied to telecom tower management, azeti Networks AG gathers the kinds of information that make it possible to extend your tower's useful life, run it in the most efficient fashion and provide you with timely warnings of any impending or potential failures. Using azeti's network management services ensures stable network connections, keeping every system of the tower running at maximum efficiency while at the same time minimizing your company's service losses as a result of slowdowns/breakdowns in tower operations.


azeti - Global supplier of proven unified monitoring solutions

azeti Networks AG is a global manufacturer and supplier of proven high-performance, unified monitoring solutions. Founded in 2006 and with operations in different countries, like the UK, Ireland, UAE, Brazil, Singapore, and Germany, azeti prides itself as an innovative provider of professional monitoring solutions like telecom tower management. azeti offers a customer reliable and flexible network management solutions through its innovative product line like the SORNAPLEX, thereby improving on your company's efficiency in service delivery and overall performance.

In addition to offering remote monitoring and management of critical equipment for your company's infrastructure, azeti's services also incorporate, through its SORNAPLEX technology, monitoring services of technical elements such as cooling plants, production systems, power sources, transformers, tanks, security and engineering systems. Currently, azeti has more than 1200 customers spread in at least 35 countries, thanks to its experienced management team comprised of senior industry professionals.

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