The Enormous Potential of Machine Data

Win-win thanks to IoT: How plant operators leverage data for their benefit and machine builders create new revenue drivers - in our white paper, we provide an insight into the foundry industry.

How IoT Creates Win-Win for Operators and Machine Builders


Production teams gain valuable insights when they use machine and process data: They can detect and resolve faults more quickly, increasing plant capacity and reducing waste. By adding applications to their products, machine builders can offer customers direct added value and increase the attractiveness of their portfolios. Learn in the white paper how Aurubis AG uses IoT to take advantage of predictive maintenance, proactively maintain its plants, avoid production downtime, and reduce expensive repair work.


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Digitalization in the Foundry Industry


Foundries must ensure that their dosing furnaces always operate at optimal capacity and never run short of molten metal. Otherwise, they risk running their furnaces dry or overfilling them. Interruptions and lower utilization are the results. Through continuous data collection and analysis, foundries get reliable information about their furnaces, so they know when to refill them and what amount of metal is needed. This enables them to ensure a smooth, high-quality melting process, optimize the utilization and duration of the melting process and the use of operating resources.