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The Interface Between People and Production

azeti merges information from production-critical systems and creates the digital factory for more transparency on the shopfloor.

azeti IoT Platform

The azeti IoT platform is the central interface where data from machines and processes merge and critical information is made available to those responsible for production and maintenance.
  • Secure Connection 
    of the entire shopfloor
  • Full Integration
    of data silos in the production environment
  • Fast Access
    to machine and process data
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azeti Sonarplex

azeti Sonarplex is the IT monitoring software for critical production environments. Due to local data monitoring, Sonarplex can be operated completely isolated within company networks.
  • Full  Monitoring
    of the IT infrastructure in production
  • Local Data Analysis
    and evaluation for critical infrastructures
  • Unidirectional Communication
    for more security 
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Digitalization in the Foundry Industry

Discover how IoT can significantly improve process efficiency.

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Scenarios of our clients

Our Offer to Support Your Digital Agenda

Our platform enables the digitalization of processes and machines in production. Depending on the customer, the platform can be used for in-house production or as technological foundation for the creation of digital products and services.

Digitalize Your Production

Production managers from process and manufacturing industry
can access data from the entire production via a single system by using the azeti IoT platform. Depending on the application scenario, a variety of opportunities arise. These include, for example:

  • Higher Availability
    through monitoring and controlling
    individual machines and systems (Condition Monitoring)
  • Machine Downtime and Unnecessary Maintenance
    can be detected and prevented at an early stage (Predictive Maintenance)
  • Reduced CO2 Emissions
    through more sustainable, energy-efficient and resource-saving production

Digitalize Your Business Model

Manufacturers of Machines and Equipment
develop new digital products and build data-based "as a service" business models with the help of the azeti IoT platform. For example, they can offer their customers maintenance services, real-time monitoring or optimization via their own app.

  • New Revenue Streams
    through digital business models        
  • Competitive Advantage
    through product innovation and differentiation from competitors
  • Increased customer satisfaction
    and higher customer loyalty thanks to an extended product and service portfolio