Alarm in Case of Water Leakage

Damage caused by water leaks is not only time-consuming and nerve-wracking, but can also be extremely costly. In Germany, new water damage occurs every 30 seconds and costs billions every day. Once a water damage has been discovered, extensive restoration work follows, but not every water damage manifests itself directly in flooded cellars or rooms. Often the damage remains for a long time
unnoticed, resulting in moisture damage to walls, ceilings or inventory. For this reason, the earlier damage is discovered, the better. Smart solutions involving water leakage sensors are suitable for this purpose.



The installation of the azeti solution powered by 1NCE
alerts you immediately in case of water ingress and leakage.


Read this whitepaper to learn how our solution and NB-IoT mobile technology, optimized for IoT applications, can help you respond quickly.



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