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Reliable Alarming in Case of Water Leakage

When water leaks occur, it is crucial to detect damage earlier to reduce costs - in our white paper we show how this can work.

Reduce Damage, Cut Costs

Damage caused by water leaks is time-consuming and nerve-wracking - and, above all, can be enormously costly. In Germany, new water damage occurs every 30 seconds and costs billions of euros. If water damage is discovered, expensive remediation work follows. Often, however, the damage goes unnoticed for a long time. This results in moisture damage to walls, ceilings, and fixtures. Therefore, the earlier the damage is discovered, the better. Read the white paper to find out how you can optimize response times and avoid significant damage caused by water.

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Want to learn more about how to avoid significant damage in the case of water damage?

Then read our white paper now.


Safe, Reliable, Durable

Conventional water detectors transmit their information using short-range communication protocols, such as Bluetooth or the WiFi network at home. The disadvantages: If the power supply fails, the functionality of the WiFi network also fails. Signal loss also may occur in basements or during transmission through housewalls. Constant monitoring and timely alerting in an emergency are not guaranteed. The solution: The battery-powered water leakage sensor, which sends its signals via the NB-IoT transmission technology. The availability of this technology is many times higher, the battery life is several years longer.