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Meet us at the Hannover Trade Show 2023

Visit us at the world's most important industry trade show and get to know our brand-new solution to kick-start your AWS SiteWise IoT project securely.

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Microphone Podcast Interview

Plan Production Downtime with Data: Podcast with azeti and Aurubis

azeti's IoT solution creates visibility into critical plant parameters and helps the team at Aurubis to reduce risks in the production.

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A New Chapter Begins: We Are Now a Part of Aurubis AG

In July 2020, azeti became part of Aurubis AG and from now on supports the digitalization of production with the azeti IoT platform.

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Upgrade: SONARPLEX AddOn Cloud Connect

Customers can upgrade SONARPLEX and benefit from new design and improved features with SONARPLEX AddOn Cloud Connect.

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Customer Projects

Man working at the anode casting wheel

Whitepaper: Avoiding Downtime with Predictive Maintenance

How can companies use IoT to maintain plants proactively, avoid downtime and increase plant availability? Our white paper shows this by taking a closer look at the copper production.

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Foundry and industrial steel production. Worker standing by furnace with hot molten iron and sparks flying

Whitepaper: How operators and machine builders benefit from IoT

Win-win thanks to IoT: How plant operators leverage data for their own benefit and machine builders create new revenue drivers - we provide an insight into the foundry industry.

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Podcast Aurubis_Foxrod

Podcast: How to Plan Production Downtime with Data

How do production teams get more transparency about critical plant parameters? What are advantages? Aurubis Olen and azeti give an insight into the copper production.

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Monitoring of Telcotowers in Latin America

An service provider ensures the functionality of its towers in remote areas through early detection of damage, theft and vandalism.

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Monitoring of Refrigerators at the Point of Sale

An international producer and bottler of beverages reduces outages and misuse thanks to data and also benefits in marketing.

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UX Design Teaser image

Developing a Software Without a Concept is a Guarantee for Failure

User Experience (UX) design plays a crucial role in developing digital products. Read what our UX team does to ensure we never lose sight of our users.

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Pfeil nach vorn

Digital Products: Make or Buy?

Developing IoT solutions in-house or externally: Which aspects to consider, when in-house development makes sense and when not - read now.

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IoT: Frequent Questions and Concerns

How much does it cost? Do you need programming skills? How long can the data be stored? We answer IoT questions we have been asked most frequently.

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Feeding the IoT

Production processes can only be analyzed and optimized if data is available. Why data access is difficult and how it succeeds despite of everything.

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Condition Monitoring of Generators

Minimize risks and ensure continuous emergency power supply through smart solutions. 

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Alarm in Case of Water Ingress and Leakage

Reduce damage from water leakage and cut costs with intelligent solutions. 

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How to Create Your Own Widget

Create and develop independently and easily with Code Widget in the azeti IoT platform. Get to know how it works!

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Schreibtisch mit Maus und Tastatur

How to Visualize and Personalize Data Superfast

Visualize and monitor your data, customize widgets to your needs with our Widget Designer.

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