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SONARPLEX technology is a solution for monitoring and controlling complex network environments and technical infrastructures. With SONARPLEX you optimize IT security in your company


Acting instead of reacting

SONARPLEX includes numerous options for mapping professional monitoring in IT environments. Template-based working makes configuration easier for the user and guarantees ease of use. With SONARMANAGER, 1 n locations can be managed and monitored. Thus, many distributed branches can be monitored centrally. Each locally installed appliance autonomously monitors a location and delivers its results to the central office. Do you have many distributed locations, technical infrastructures, branches or a system house and want to offer your customers managed services? Then azeti's technology is ideal for increasing the efficiency of your business.

More than monitoring

In addition to the classic Ethernet-based monitoring environments in IT, such as servers, routers, switches, etc., azeti SONARPLEX technology also provides the ability to monitor technical parameters in the field of management of buildings and objects. This allows multiple departments to access one and the same monitoring solution. SONARMANAGER allows multi-client capability.

The applications in the Internet of Things are as diverse as our customers themselves. The use of MODBUS in E technology, wireless sensors or Bluetooth 4.0 makes it possible, for example, to monitor temperature, humidity, door contacts, keypads, cameras, battery status or filling levels of tanks. 

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Small effort

azeti's SONARPLEX technology is available as an appliance, a combination of hardware and software. This makes the further purchase of equipment superfluous. The effort for companies to acquire an azeti monitoring solution is thus manageable and predictable.

azeti SONARPLEX Whitepaper

Technical Information

Open the free whitepaper for more technical information about the monitoring solution azeti SONARPLEX.