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Industry 4.0
for retrofitting

azeti Machina is the complete solution for the acquisition and evaluation of machine data. Connect the azeti Machina Gateway to the PLC of machines and plants and get in-depth insights into the states of machines and plants in real time.

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Retrofitting instead of buying new

Competencies and experience in the areas of Industry 4.0, digitization and big data are essential for the competitiveness and long-term success of a company. The digital transformation of existing machines and plants with the help of azeti Machina offers the possibility to analyze existing processes, to optimize them and to integrate them into the Internet of Things. Retrofitting has never been so easy!

We support you with digitization - from the individual goal definition to action development and integration.

Why azeti Machina?

The only solution that extracts data from the PLC control.


Manufacturer-independent connection of machine and plant controls


Collect and analyze the previously undiscovered machine data

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Gain valuable conclusions from the data obtained, for example through predictive monitoring

Steuerung_Logos Connection of common machine controls

Do you have special requirements? No problem! We are specialists in connecting new controllers and protocols.

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Added value through machine data

Initially, we accompany every installation and assist you in retrofitting your machines to ensure a smooth integration of azeti Machina. You do not need any programming knowledge for integration and operation. The evaluation and visualization of the machine data takes place in the azeti digitizing platform.

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Whitepaper azeti Machina
Industry 4.0 for retrofitting

Find out why reading process data from machines and plants is so important for the industry and what opportunities and benefits arise from a retrofit.

Also technical information about:

• Functions and properties
• System security
• Configuration and modification
• Interfaces and integration

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Video explanation

Anja Sommerfeld and Florian Hoenigschmid explain the functioning of azeti Machina. Are you interested in a personal conversation?

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