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Condition Monitoring of Generators

Companies can ensure a continuous emergency power supply in the event of a malfunction thanks to IoT - in the white paper, we show how this can work.

How to Ensure Continuous Power Supply With IoT

Electricity is taken for granted today, but daily dependence is quickly forgotten. Whether in hospitals, data centers, or factories: Generators form the basis for emergency power supply. They are designed to enable smooth operation during a power grid failure. While short power failures often cause no or only minor damage to private consumers, for companies, even a temporary power interruption can lead to considerable damage, for example, through production downtimes. However, the risk can be minimized considerably by using intelligent solutions. Learn in this white paper how to ensure a continuous emergency power supply in case of a failure almost guaranteed.

Currently, only the german version is available.

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Know How the Generator is Really Doing

The IoT Condition Monitoring solution enables companies to monitor critical parameters of their equipment permanently and gain insight into the actual condition of their generator. In this way, they can derive indications for maintenance and reparation at an early stage: Based on the collected data, they can decide whether maintenance is necessary - and avoid unnecessary servicing. In an emergency, these valuable insights prevent the complete failure of the required electricity supply.