Hello World, Again.

April 27, 2020

After working in stealth mode, we are back in action. Its not that we ever really left, but over the last year, we revisted a couple things regarding our approach to the market.

One of the major discoveries was that customers want to move forward with new technologies that are part of the IoT space, but they don't know how. One can easily get lost with all the different protocols, smart things and analytics software that all carry the IoT label.

» We want to simplify Internet of Things in the future!

We sat down and mapped some obstacles that from our experience many customers encounter below:

  1. Heterogenous environments with lots of different machines and sensors that vary in type, age and interface
  2. Vendor specific (and partly siloed) diagnostics solutions
  3. Lack of resources inside the organization to carry out IoT projects
  4. Missing skill set that is necessary to implement and support IoT projects
  5. No clear notion of IoT and its benefits

If you were to describe the above in a single word what would it be? For us, it all boiled down to complexity. So now we knew what we are up against. It became also clear that once IoT is easy enough for everyone to use, it is not a questions of why to use it but rather when is it available.

So our goal was set to make IoT available for everyone. But what would it take to achieve that goal. We figured if complexity prevents that people get started with IoT, we need to take it out and make our products way more accessible.

Our IoT platform combines a whole set of very powerful features that are already used around the globe in IoT projects. However, in order to create a dashboard for a generator or connect a machine on the shop floor, you always needed to have some kind of knowledge to connect, configure and display the data.
With our revamped azeti Cloud platform, we focused entirely on enabling the user. That means, user can:

  • Create their own user account and invite other people to join them
  • Adjust the look and feel as well as rebrand the user interface
  • Connect sensors and plcs (with different protocols and interfaces) by using automated onboarding and configuration wizards
  • Pull together individual dashboards by selecting from a great widget library
  • Grant permissions to other users about accessing and editing data on the dashboard

In a nutshell, users can get started with their IoT projects completely independent as the platform follows a self service approach. And since connecting and configuring data sources is just easy with the azeti Cloud, you can pull together a dashboard within minutes, have your data displayed there and boom - you got your own IoT application.

So now users can pull information together from pretty much their entire asset infrastructure, no matter if it is a 40 year old machine or a brand new 2019 model. For instance users like a plant manager would get access to all data of not just one but all production lines in one plant or across multiple locations. Furthermore, he can specify to take a look just at live data or compare it with historic data from a previous period to benchmark efficiency over time.

There are many more IoT use cases that can now be easily implemented with our platform. If anyone would like to try it out, you can sign up for our beta tester program, which will launch in a couple weeks. If you are interested to participate, please fill out this form here and we will get back to you with the details.