IoT is / was hard

May 13, 2020

Throughout the years at azeti, we provided our customers and partners with lots of features around automation as well as focusing on technical flexibility to address many use cases with our software stack. 

But our main motivation behind a lot of things is to make the life of our customers easier when it comes to use our platform, for example upload a new configuration or calibrate a sensor. 

With that in mind, we were looking back on what we have learned in the past years and began to refactor our features to focus on our goal of “enabling IoT for everyone.” But once we started, we came across a big challenge. And that is:  

How to humanize the data? 

Let’s start with a simple definition. In layman terms data is “a bunch of information during a certain period of time.” There are different forms to display the data. For instance, you can use a line chart or create a table from a CSV file. But this will mean that a form of manipulation is already happening by actively selecting a set of data and deciding whether data goes in the table (through selection mechanisms). But the more options you have to pick data, the greater the chance that you miss something important.  

So, our challenge got more significant than it seemed at first. Not only that we had to humanize the data, but we also had to give meaning to it while keeping in mind that our customers would expect flexibility and automation.  

After going through different scenarios, we realized that it could prove quite valuable to our customers, if they would not have to follow a ten-step process, but rather have everything, for example configuration of a sensor, automated. So that connecting for instance a PLC would just mean to push a button. We had gained quite extensive process knowledge about data onboarding and configuration from previous projects. We also understood well how to extract and aggregate data. And we knew what our customers would expect from us. Based on these three points, we began to rebuild our azeti Application Enablement Platform, that carries the internal project name “MaUI”. 

Our road to truly win with IoT data

Finally, our internal MaUI project began to take shape. A bright and guided route to help our customers to understand and work with their data.  

In the first beta version, we already see how decisions can be made by setting event rules or how notifications can be sent out.  Users can create elaborated queries to their sensor to get the exact information they were looking for.

The team of azeti managed to combine flexibility with simplicity in order to provide a great user experience. Well, we are not yet done here. We just began and want to continue to learn from data and provide new and exciting tools to our customers on their IoT journey. 

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