SONARPLEX AddOn Cloud Connect

May 19, 2020
azeti SONARPLEX is an IT monitoring system that is usually operated within secure infrastructures. For several years now, we have been improving IT security in companies with our technology. To this day, it is used worldwide in a wide variety of industries and enables our satisfied customers to monitor and control complex network environments and technical infrastructures with particularly high security requirements.

As part of our corporate reorientation, we would also like to offer our SONARPLEX existing customers the opportunity to enter a new, more modern working environment. For this purpose we have developed the SONARPLEX AddOn Cloud Connect, a technical as well as optical upgrade for our loyal customers.

Innovations at a glance:

  • All data of the SONARPLEX appliance at a glance in modern, individual dashboards
  • Visualization of trends and evaluation of historical and current data
  • Flexibly adaptable data persistence allows data to be kept for years
  • Easy installation via the plug-in interface of the existing SONARPLEX

» New design and improved functions

Up to now, historical data in the SONARMANAGER is only stored in the form of round-robin files and graphically displayed in trends. The file size always remains unchanged, while this method of operation guarantees that SONARPLEX devices will run for years without rebooting or other clean-up operations and will function reliably. Overflows of data volumes and the resulting crashes are successfully prevented. At the same time, obsolete data is constantly summarised and reduced by averaging, which minimises the accuracy of forecasts.

With the help of the SONARPLEX AddOn Cloud Connect we meet the requirements for increased accuracy. In the now available cloud environment, historical data is no longer summarised and only average values are accumulated. Historical data is available at any time in its unchanged resolution. The trend forecasts are therefore much more accurate.

In addition, the real-time data determined and collected can now be made visible in our cloud environment. All data can be displayed for years at a glance in modern, individually configurable dashboards. Trends and evaluations can be visualized and compared from historical and current data.

SONARPLEX users can now benefit from the advantages of our azeti cloud environment without having to make complex changes to their IT infrastructure, because exporting all information to the cloud is simple. Installation is very easy via the plug-in interface of the existing SONARPLEX.


Ready to upgrade?

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