Aurubis Olen Foxrod Copper Production

Podcast: How to Plan Production Downtime with Data

The 50 to 80 kg copper squares are the basic product of copper production and starting material for further processing into high-quality copper products. The electric inductor, the core of the copper smelting furnace, takes on an important role in this process. It is in permanent service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - over a long period of time. Only if the maintenance of the inductor is planned accurately and proactively, and risks for failures are identified at an early stage, its continuous operation can be ensured and production targets can be fulfilled. How this can work with IoT is told by

  • Yanni Apers, Production Manager at Aurubis Olen in Belgium
  • Florian Hoenigschmid, Vice President Strategy & Sales at azeti

in the latest episode of IoT Use Case Podcast with of Madeleine Mickeleit.

Learn more about

  • what challenges Aurubis Olen and azeti solved together,
  • how they organized their collaboration,
  • what other companies can learn from this use case.

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