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Application Enablement Plattform

azeti is the IoT Application Enablement Platform, which provides you with a fast and scalable solution for implementing your IoT projects


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For both azeti Machina and SONARPLEX technology we used our mature azeti Cloud as a foundation

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We shaped the future before "IoT" was even an issue. Learn more about us and our company.

In the past, valuable results from research projects enabled the development and implementation of numerous potentials.

At azeti you not only profit from numerous benefits, but also from a great team.

The central theme of our young company history is the enthusiasm for technology and innovation.



Skyline Industrie


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Condition Monitoring of Generators

A continuous emergency power supply is of enormous importance for many companies. Failures are often costly and damaging to both the company and the customer. Find out in our white paper how you can know how the generator is doing at any time with the help of the joint solution from azeti and Janz Tec.

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Alarm in Case of Water Leakages

Whether in private life or in a commercial environment: water leaks can affect anyone! In Germany, new water leaks occur every 30 seconds and cost billions every day. A timely alarm can prevent worse things from happening. Our joint solution with 1NCE is suitable for this.

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Industry 4.0 Retrofitting

Find out why reading out process data from machines and systems is so important for industry and what opportunities and advantages a retrofit offers you.

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